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Our story


At Project Eureka, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we're working towards. Our virtual tutoring service supports young children who are in need of extra academic guidance. Our profits from tutoring will be used for a good cause, specifically towards donating masks.

From the first US COVID-19 case reported in February, many health professionals have been fighting selflessly on the front line to protect us. While many of us are privileged to have access to proper hygiene products for protection against COVID-19, it has been reported numerously that these frontline workers are still experiencing shortages of critical equipment needed for their protection. Therefore, our goal is to locate organizations and hospitals in need and distribute masks, hopefully reducing the curve in America.

Here at Project Eureka, we acknowledge that all it takes during this hard time is to show a kind gesture of support and unity.

We thank you sincerely for supporting us during this difficult time.

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